Election Transformation

Here are two headlines showing how transformative an election is in Virginia:

  1. Cuccinelli loses his long war against sodomy, October 8, 2013
  2. Mark Herring won’t defend Virginia gay marriage ban, January 23, 2014

These stories are just over four months apart, but they are both about Virginia’s Attorney General.

A few quick observations.

  1. Elections matter.
  2. State elections, although often ignored, have a tremendous effect on people.
  3. Campaigning matters. (Herring won by 866 votes.)
  4. On many important issues, the parties are so far apart there’s little room for negotiation & compromise.

I know a lot of people who wonder why there’s so much acrimony between the sides and so much triumphalism when one side defeats the other. The stakes in politics are not always this visible or easily explained, but I hope the stark difference between these two Attorneys General helps shine some light on the question.

Image Credits: Sarah Williams

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