A late-80′s post-apocalyptic thinker from the director of Tron, starring Mark “Going to Toshi Station” Hamill and Bill “Game Over, Man” Paxton. British actor Bob Peck treats this like a real movie (damn, that guy can act). Robbie Coltrane and Ben Kingsley also have small parts. But the real star is the bizarre dragonfly-shaped Edgley Optica.

The movie was more interesting than it had any right to be, but it still leaves a slightly woody Pinocchio aftertaste.

Image Credits: Nigel Ish / Wikimedia

2 thoughts on “Slipstream

  1. I didn’t even recognize Hamill at first. Definitely that 80s sci-fi feel… definitely the music. But yes, not really as coherent as it could have been. Trying for a little bit of that Dark Crystal mysticism but with all the characters one – sided and uninteresting except maybe Byron.

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