The Poseidon Adventure

We watched the Poseidon Adventure last week. The original one with Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, and Leslie Nielsen, not the new Richard Dreyfuss / Kurt Russell one. I might get around to watching that one, but I doubt I can convince the Elf.

The movie is classic over-the-top unsubtle disaster melodrama. Yes, it’s the one where the cruise ship flips over. I won’t summarize the plot because that’s about all you need to know.

The most memorable scene for me, though, was Shelly Winters. Winters was pretty heavy by the time this movie was made, and for most of the film she’s nothing but a load. Some of the other survivors keep worrying that her weight adversely affects their chances of survival. She keeps trying to stay behind for the same reason. So she has to be pushed and cajoled and harangued along.

Spoilers, but you’ve had forty-two years to watch this movie

But there’s this one scene where through heroic and intensely physical effort she saves the life of one of the party. This is where I paused the film. I turned to the Elf and said, “Wow. A fat person gets to be heroic. Did you see that?” The Elf affirmed that she was watching the same movie I was, and I went off to refill my drink.

When I got back I unpaused it and Shelly Winters immediately died from a heart attack. So much for that.

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