What is with “open carry” anyway?

The mass shooting over Memorial Day weekend sparked a lot of necessary conversation about the daily threats of violence women receive. But I don’t think this should go unremarked-upon:

A Texas gun rights group has notified members that they are to “immediately cease” taking shotguns and rifles into private businesses unless invited to do so, backing down from a controversial strategy that has led several large restaurant chains to ask patrons to leave their guns at home. [ Huffington Post ]

It’s a bizarre strategy, anyway, to show up unannounced carrying dramatic firearms and shouting about how now one can stop you. Perhaps the idea was pulled from the gay rights movement. Come out of the closet as a gun owner, and eventually people will realize they have nothing to fear from people exercising their Second Amendment rights.

The flaw in that plan is few people worry about being pressed into gay marriage at a Pride parade, whereas everyone recognizes that people toting rifles in the streets are just a trigger-pull away from headline news.

One thought on “What is with “open carry” anyway?

  1. I dont know. I’ve met some severely homophobic people over the years. For them, it did seem, that the gay movement was definitely a threat to their heterosexuality. Maybe now that the gay movement has gotten more mainstream, they no longer have this fear (as much). And maybe, the open-carry people feel that, given time, that will be the case with them as well. That is… they hope to prove to people that they have nothing to fear.

    The real argument, however, I think you can make with your analogy is this:
    Open-carry people ACTUALLY DO want to change who you are. They want you to ALSO be open-carry people. That IS their ultimate philosophy… if EVERYONE carried guns, gun crime would be lower. So to some degree, they just want to be accepted for who they are… very very proud gun owners. But to a larger degree, they would love to convince you, as long as you’re mentally sound, to learn to use a gun and to come out in public places with your guns as well. Guns for everyone!!! Ultimate deterrence!

    LGBT people just want people to allow them to be themselves. They have no interest in turning you gay. Well, unless you’re Ryan Gosling. Cause, I mean… come on, its Ryan Gosling. HOT! What gay guy wouldn’t want Ryan Gosling to be gay? Can I start listing all the females I wish were lesbians… in that Chasing Amy kind of way. Scarlet. Angelina. umm…

    Wait, where was I? I don’t remember. Never mind. Move on. Nothing to see here.

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