John speaking at the 2017 EdUI conference in Charlottesville, Virginia


So many of my friends on Facebook: “Pick an album that still effects you and you still listen to now. No explanation needed just post a picture of the LP cover.”

You know, if I’m going to do that I’m damn well going to explain it. I can’t just put album covers up and leave it at that. I have thoughts about all this music – about music in general – and if I’m going to do it I’m going to do it right and I’m not going to give it away to the Facebook Walled Garden. So that’s one good reason to (re)start a blog.

Then there’s this other thing I’ve been working on. It recently occurred to me that I might actually be able to make music, and part of that process is apparently thinking about who your “influences” are. Again; a list just isn’t enough.

For the most part I write about music I like. I used to write a weblog about movies I hated. That got to be boring. And cynical. And I started looking for reasons to hate movies. Snark is easy to come by. So is crap. What I want to hear from people is what they like so I can have new stuff I like, too.

Who am I?

Besides someone who loves music, I’ve been professionally building web sites since 1996. I speak at conferences sometimes, most recently about designing web sites for the disabled (either permanently or momentarily). If you’re interested in my thoughts on accessibility, you can find them on my employer’s blog; this is not a tech blog.

I am also very interested in politics. I tweet about politics as @thudfactor and occasionally write some long-form.