Normally I would be writing here about Presidential politics constantly, but since I now manage two other political websites and help moderate a Facebook political forum, what I most need is something entirely different to put my mind on at least occasionally. Permarage is neither mentally nor physically healthy.

While going through my movie collection I noticed that I’ve managed to gather an impressive collection of the cheaply-made English comedy movies known as Carry On. The franchise started in 1958. Director Gerald Thomas and Producer Peter Rogers cranked out one to two films a year for twenty years, loosened their belts, then belched out a final film in 1992. The comedy was broad and stagey and has survived surprisingly well for a movies that seem to have been considered completely disposable.

I have seen all of these before, but didn’t realize until just a day or two ago that my collection was nearly complete. (That explains why I haven’t been able to find any recent releases of others, actually … ) So I am going to watch them all in release order and write my thoughts on them here. I am not the first person to attempt this, obviously, but I am the first me to do it.

The first movie in the series is called Carry On Sergeant and it stars William “The First Doctor” Hartnell, so that’s where we’ll start.


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