Yesterday on Facebook I saw someone say something along the lines of “Democrats try to hurry change, Republicans stand in the way, but things change at their own pace.”

No; things change because people change them. Just to pick an example: men would never have gotten together on their own and said “hey, let’s give women the right to vote.” Behind every major social change there are brave, hard-working people willing to push.

Sometimes it’s risky. It threatens friendships and family ties, it makes strangers uncomfortable. It can even be dangerous, especially for the outspoken folks.

Official program for the Women’s Suffrage Procession of 1913. The procession was marred by violence when police failed to protect the marchers.

Another thing I’ve heard more than one person say: “I was raised with the belief that talking politics was rude.” Well, it certainly makes it more difficult to get along with people.

But this is a democracy. For a democracy to work, people have to get involved. That doesn’t just mean voting in private; that means standing up publicly for what you think is right. Advocating for your position. Helping to rallying support, even if that support is just your closest friends.

Things change in a democracy because  don’t stop pushing. If you want to see change, get out and push.

Featured Image: Wikimedia / Kyle Rush. Protesters unfurl a large rainbow banner in front of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC during the 2009 National Equality March.

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