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Political correctness has run amok! There are a lot of anecdotal stories suggesting dire consequences for civil society, but no one has any numbers. And anyway, what is “political correctness?” Is it a real problem, or is it just a derisive term for people being offended by things you don’t think you should have to think about?

Language, changing

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When communication technology changes, language changes as well. Old words get used new ways, new words come into being, people start breaking rules and experiment with structure. Thanks to the Miracle of the Interwebs, we’re seeing a lot of change in the written word. More people are doing more writing than ever before. Many people – myself included – would rather text or email than talk on the phone. And, of course, we have blogs and Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some great articles I’ve seen on how language is changing (or has changed):

Hillary Clinton's Pay Gap

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The Washington Free Beacon says equal pay advocate Hillary Clinton paid her female Senate staffers 72¢ for every $1 she paid a man.

The salaries speak for themselves. The data shows that women in her office were paid 72 cents for every dollar paid to men. Despite the numbers, Clinton and her allies have long-touted her as “a fighter for equal pay.”

The Free Beacon goes on to explain that this is much worse than is typical for the Washington, DC area:

The GOP shouldn't play the blame game

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In her response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst said:

We see too many moms and dads put their own dreams on hold while growing more fearful about the kind of future they’ll be able to leave to their children.

One party has fought against health care, food stamps, public education, environmental legislation, renewable energy, gay rights, minimum wage increases.

Virginia's Jailbird Delegate

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Watching Delegate Joe Morrissey is an education. Morrissey is a Democratic state delegate from Richmond, and he’s had a number of run-ins with the law. Most recently, Morrissey was accused of having a sexual relationship with a seventeen-year-old employee of his law office, prompting multiple felony charges. He entered an Alford plea to a misdemeanor “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” charge, the more serious charges were dropped, and he was given a short sentence.

Serial: Doing It Live

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Fair warning: there may be spoilers.

Calling Serial a “journalistic procedural”, Philippa Hawker says reporting the story of Adnan Syed while it was being investigated encouraged amateur sleuthing and changed the story as it was being reported. Worse, she says, it obscured the show’s themes of love, loss, and injustice.

Reporting without knowing the ending first is a strange decision, Hawker says: