Carry On Sergeant (1958)

Carry On Sergeant (1958)

To get a sense of a movie franchise you often have to go all the way back to its early beginnings. Dr. No might lack the gadgets, but James Bond is undeniably James Bond. The optimism and heart of Star Trek still shines through the lens flares and explosions of Into Darkness. This is not true for Carry On Sergeant.

There may be spoilers. Can you spoil a nearly sixty-year-old movie? Let’s see.

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Carry On Not Paying Attention to Politics

Carry On Not Paying Attention to Politics

Normally I would be writing here about Presidential politics constantly, but since I now manage two other political websites and help moderate a Facebook political forum, what I most need is something entirely different to put my mind on at least occasionally. Permarage is neither mentally nor physically healthy.

While going through my movie collection I noticed that I’ve managed to gather an impressive collection of the cheaply-made English comedy movies known as Carry On. The franchise started in 1958. Director Gerald Thomas and Producer Peter Rogers cranked out one to two films a year for twenty years, loosened their belts, then belched out a final film in 1992. The comedy was broad and stagey and has survived surprisingly well for a movies that seem to have been considered completely disposable.

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Why we need programming in our core curriculum

There’s been debate for several years now about whether and to what extent programming courses should be required in school. Most of the arguments I’ve read against (like this one by Greg Keene of Access) argue that programming is a specialized vocation requiring considerably more training and a specialized temperament. What these arguments miss is the difference between programming and software development.

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So you are thinking about sending a message with your vote

Pro tip: don’t. Your vote is a poor messenger. You don’t vote to send a message. You carry it.

You might think that if droves of people vote for the Greens that will cause Democrats to say “hey, we need to be more like the Greens in order to get those votes.” This is what very technical people call a “category mistake:” you have mistaken political parties for businesses.

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