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Popovers and Dialogs, a (kinda) case study

The differences (and similarities) of the new Popover API and the Dialog element.

Some rules about making rules

My first one is “never call them rules.”

Is CSS a programming language?

And why does it seem to matter to so many people?

“You could hear these looms”

In which I argue that the real enemies are not robots, but the people who own them.

“Keeping up” should not be an extracurricular activity.

Businesses that don’t strive for perfect efficiency are more creative and have happier employees.

Using modern font stacks

Goodbye Google Fonts, hello (again) system fonts

Maybe sometimes you should use pixels

The conventional wisdom is that you should not use pixel units, but maybe sometimes you should?

Thudfactor has gone super retro

An explanation and apology of sorts for things looking like 1992 around here.

Real Punctuation for Programmers

How to give your UI a more polished look just by using the correct punctuation.

The underappreciated reason Google is useless

Search Engines have been overwhelmed by SEO spam, but is the struggling open web part of the problem?

Syntax coloring in template literals

Template literals are great for assembling bits of CSS and HTML in Javascript, but what about the syntax coloring?

Instant Pot steel-cut oatmeal

The easiest way I know to make oatmeal that doesn’t come in an envelope.

Prefers reduced motion

Supporting your site visitors who have motion sensitivities.

Exploring HSL

We continue exploring color in CSS by taking a close look at HSL.

Exploring RGB

We begin exploring color in CSS by taking a close look at RGB color.

Web development of auld lang syne

Removing any form of CSS post-processing has me nostalgic for the other web development strategies that have become obsolete thanks to modern development strategies.

AI integration: challenges and discoveries

I spent a couple of weeks diving into coding _with_ AI, and there are a lot of challenges. The most concerning, however, have very little to do with the technology.

Some notes about working with AI Art

AI art is often described as just “writing a prompt,” but of course it’s more difficult than that.

User-initiated element resizing in CSS

CSS offers a browser-native way to make elements resizable, but it comes with a lot of limitations.

A month (or so) with GitHub Copilot

Some thoughts on GitHub Copilot, the AI-powered code assistant.

Article typography

Three CSS typography properties to improve your site’s readability

Here is a cat picture

John discusses the history of HTML’s image tag.

This is an alpha

The Thudfactor First Post