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Prefers reduced motion

A closeup of Medusa’s sneering face from the 1981 movie “Clash of the Titans”

Some people say Medusa turned people to stone because she was just that ugly. Others portray her as an evil, magical being. Still more claim Medusa was just an unlucky woman cursed by the victim-blaming God Minerva. I have my own theory, which is that Medusa just wanted people to settle down.

Exploring HSL

A picture of a flower doctored so that the leaves and blossom are brilliant green and purple on the left, but fade into shades of grey on the right.

The next most common color model in CSS is HSL. Unlike the RGB color model, HSL doesn’t define color as a mixture of three primaries. It describes color as being made up of three different qualities.

Exploring RGB

Closeup of tiny red, green and blue LEDs arranged in a matrix for a display.

It’s a revolution for CSS color! Not only do we now have access to many different color models, we also have entirely new color spaces to explore. As part of deepening my own understanding of what’s available to us, I’ve been experimenting a bit. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Web development of auld lang syne

Twenty-two corinthian columns arranged in a rectangle in a field, supporting nothing.

I am really excited to say that the update to Thudfactor that posts this also removes PostCSS from the blog’s build process. SASS and PostCSS handled a lot of CSS complexity. But the CSS standard has mostly caught up to what these tools provide, so now I can now ship exactly the CSS I write… at least for this project.

User-initiated element resizing in CSS

Still from a Coyote / Road Runner cartoon. The Coyote holds a business card saying Wile E. Coyote Super Genius

We’ve been working on a project at work that is growing a fairly elaborate user interface heavily informed by desktop applications like Photoshop. What used to be straightforward divs now need to be moved around, closed, minimized, and resized.

Article typography

A page set with moveable lead type

“Thud factor” is academic slang for how loud your thesis sounds when it’s thrown downstairs. When I first registered this domain in (let me check…) August of 2000 (‼️) my intent was to fill up the site with a whole bunch of text. I did actually do that once upon a time, but one thing I never really got right was the typography.